Harga HP HTC Terbaru

Harga HP HTC Samsung decided to release a WiFi only version of the Galaxy Camera. This gives the option to the Android camera users who want at a price that is more oblique. 

Camera WiFi Galaxy has the same specifications as the previous model.However, as mentioned above, users can not take advantage of 3G/4G mobile connection. 

Means, if a user wants to directly share photos, download applications or browsing, must be willing to rely on WiFi connections only. 

Galaxy Camera featuring 16.3 MP CMOS sensor Harga Blackberry, 23mm wide-angle lens, and 21 optical zoom. ISO range from 100-3200 and the video recording has full 1080p HD at 30 fps. Other specifications are roomy 4.8-inch display, a 1.4 GHz processor and a quad-core Android 4.1. 

Unfortunately, though it was announced that the Samsung Galaxy Camera slash prices for the WiFi only, but quoted from SlashGear, Tuesday (19/02/2013), there is no information about the final price, as well as with its availability. 

Harga HP Lenovo Terbaru

Harga HP Lenovo Famous rapper Dr. Dre headphones made by Yamaha dispute to court. He felt, accessories are manufactured Japanese company that has been plagiarized homemade products.

As we all know, Dr Dre Beats audio accessories owners. Beats name itself already famous and even the technology used by HTC smartphone vendor.

Well, Dr Dre headphones claim that the design of the Yamaha Pro 300, 400, and 500, had violated patents owned technology Beats headphones.Because of this similarity anyway, and Dr Dre Beats said consumers were puzzled.

"Consumers appreciate the design, and the sound quality of the Beats, and began wearing the Beats headphones around their neck as a fashion accessory, even when not listening to music," said the Beats in claim submission letter, which quoted from Cnet, Friday (15/2 / 2013)

"In fact, the design of Beats headphones Harga HP Asus have become a significant driver of the success of similar commercial products,” he added.

As a result of these violations, Beats Yamaha demands of USD 75 thousand or approximately USD 724 425 000 (1 USD = Rp 9,659). There has been no comment from the Yamaha’s allegations.

Referee ‘Chelsea-Barca’ Threatened Dead on Facebook

Tom Henning Ovrebo referee Life becomes abysmally after chairing a crucial match Chelsea vs Barcelona in the Champions League semifinal second. Not only in the real world, even death threats haunt the Norwegian referee to the virtual world.

One of the most severe is the presence of community harga hp oppo that aims to hunt Ovrebo on Facebook. A mountain of negative expectations and swear that reflects dissatisfaction with the referee is also flourishing in these accounts.

"Dedicated to hunting and brutal murder of the referee," said the creator of the group titled ‘Kill Tom Henning Ovrebo’ this. One of the fans heat up the situation by writing, "I wish someone would shoot him to death."

Who does not get chills threats such slaughter even if only via the Internet. However, not only through Facebook harga samsung galaxy s5, a similar threat to attack the referee bald-headed, it is also still a lot bersliweran on the internet through other sites.

The culprit? Sure was predictable. That is a big fan of Chelsea or anyone who is not satisfied with the leadership Ovrebo in the match Chelsea vs Barcelona a few days ago.

Thus, they also use the Internet to pique even shed all their hatred. Crazy, home address, office phone number Ovrebo up were also deployed in the virtual world. As a result, not only Ovrebo that ‘trembling’, the family had come to see this shock.

Whether just for fun, emotion or indeed the true intention of the murder will be executed, but certainly the authorities in Oslo responded to this threat seriously. Now their eyes could not be separated from the movement of these threats on the internet.

"We looked very carefully over what is posted on the internet. Whatever we believe could endanger his safety, we will immediately act seriously," said Oslo police spokesman, as quoted from The Guardian, Friday (8/5/2009 ).